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Welcome to Questers

  The Questers  is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study,  conservation and preservation of historical objects for the benefit of today and tomorrow.  Members seek to identify preservation and restoration of existing landmarks as well to education through the research and study of antiques,  and history.

Are you a Quester?

  • Have you ever looked at an old item and wondered about  its history

  • Have you ever looked at an old house and wished that you could help by restoring to it's original identity? 

  • Do you enjoy learning about the history of people, places, and events?

If you answered YES to any of these questions
you are already a Quester!
"Through the discovery and knowledge of antiques, we can bring the past to life and profit by the experiences of previous generations."
Jessie Elizabeth Bardens, Founder

The Questers is an international organization founded in 1944.  today there are approximately 11,000 chapters in the United States and Canada with 35 chapters throughout Illinois.

The Organization's headquarters resides in a federal period three-story brick building certified by the Philadelphia Commission as historically significant to the area.

210 South Quince Street
Philadelphia, PA  19107-5534